Hey Yoga Teacher,

Are you feeling stuck at your full-time job with barely enough time and energy leftover at the end of the day to continue with teaching yoga as a side hustle,

but you're dreaming of stepping up to make the healing practice of yoga your full-time gig?

Maybe you're exhausted from driving around town teaching group drop-in classes or from trying to promote and fill your online zoom classes and you're feeling ready to step up and do things differently,

to ditch the burnout and finally start to increase your income as a yoga entrepreneur.

But you don't know where to start or how to turn this dream into a sustainable living.

If you've been teaching yoga for a while now and you're not sure where to start with planning and promoting your own unique offerings like 1:1 packages and workshops, you're not alone!

Maybe you already have the perfect workshop idea or have students in mind that you would LOVE to offer 1:1 packages to.

You could have even mentioned these offerings already on social media or in person but nobody signed up, so you felt defeated and went back to the comfort of teaching your drop-in zoom or studio classes.
Whether you're choosing to teach online, in-person or both- you'll walk away from this short course feeling confident to take inspired action and have clarity around what steps to take next so you can increase your income AND replenish your energy levels for a more balanced and flexible lifestyle.

It's time to do things differently, Yogipreneur. Let's kick start your creativity and ignite your passion of teaching the practice that changed your life and made you who you are today.

Choose a Pricing Option

Hosting purposeful workshops and creating meaningful 1:1 packages that are curated from your heart,

while getting compensated at a more lucrative (and well deserved) price point than what you're currently receiving for drop-in classes is just one of the ways you can create more balance and sustainability as a yoga teacher,

now let me teach you how to do this confidently and successfully, so you can go back to feeling inspired, energized and connected to this purposeful path you've chosen to follow of sharing yoga with the world.


Let's ditch the "burned out and broke yoga teacher" label once and for all.

This course will support you in uncovering:

> How your money mindset plays a crucial role in your success and longevity as a yoga teacher,

> The most important steps you can take today to avoid or overcome yoga teacher burnout,

> Simple promotional strategies for workshops and 1:1 packages that won't zap your energy and actually work,

> Clarity around your unique vision moving forward, and a deeper awareness of anything that is currently holding you back from going after it!

and lots more.